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Homepride Marketing Experience

The Homepride Marketing Difference!

We pride ourselves on not being apart of the 80%! Meaning the 80% of agents that still rely on the old 3 P’s of real estate when it comes to the sale of your home;
  1. Putting your home in the MLS
  2. Putting a sign in the yard
  3. Praying it sells

At Homepride, we have instituted the 3 new P’s of real estate that go a bit further;

  1. Preparation: Staging
  2. Pricing
  3. Promotion: Pre-launch campaign

Gone are the days when an agent could just put up a listing in the Multiple Listing Service and sit back and wait for another agent to sell the house for them. If all it took to sell a house was simply putting it in the MLS, wouldn’t everyone be selling their homes themselves? By now, don’t you owe yourself more than the status quote?

It’s time for a new agent, new marketing, new buyers, and most of all…new possibilities. Ultimately, our goal is to sell your property for the most money possible, and in the process re-connect you with the excitement you originally felt upon first listing. Here are some of the ways we achieve this:

  • Pre-MLS Marketing – Before we officially list your property for sale in the Multiple Listing Service, we’ll begin a targeted pre-multiple listing serviceĀ  campaign catered to specifically garner interest and traffic to your property prior to it even hitting the market. Pre-market exposure includes property placement in its own internet landing page for search engine optimization, listing on our social media accounts, a coming soon yard sign, and pro-active and direct agent-to-agent marketing.
  • Professional Photography – Over 90% of buyers begin their home searches online, so first impressions matter. This is why we personally take the expense of hiring a professional photographer for your listing, putting your property in the best light from the very beginning.